On angels' wings

The name's Sachlockk

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justanyotherperson asked: Hey! (this is hippano) I saw your new Seb, and he looks lovely! I just want to say that the great thing about art is that we are constantly evolving, so you don't have to stick to a new style immediately. After a few replications of this style, you'll find parts that you like and don't like about it, and you can always change them. I'm constantly changing mine too! So don't force yourself to stick to one thing too strictly. Love your art! <3 Best luck and happy drawing! x

Ohhhh myyyy thank you so much! This means so much to me I’m actually crying from happiness (should I be adorning you this much ack help)

Thank you! I’ll keep at it for a (what I hope is) a long time :D

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OHHHH THE HORROR! Just went all the way back to the beginning and, oh dear god it makes me cry.

These are all the same character- Sebastian Moran

Do they look the same?
Are there any resemblances?


for the mean time I’m going to base him on Michael Fassbender (and hippano) because he is PERFECT

Anyway, enjoy the abomination kids (and in first pic in the top right is the worst Jim I have ever seen ffs)

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